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Sea whip corals and their residents

I can’t swim past a sea whip coral without taking a closer look.  There is a good chance I will find something interesting on it to photograph.  And if I don’t, the whip coral makes a nice subject in itself. The … Continue reading

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Don’t upset the Mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimps/prawns pack a lethal punch, especially if you’re a crab or a scallop.  They have even been recorded breaking aquarium glass.  So with these facts in mind, I usually take care not to upset them when taking photos. One … Continue reading

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Guess who’s got a new camera

We’ve been looking at upgrading my underwater camera setup for the past two years.  Phil has researched and researched.  He has shown me many different options, from large professional kits to the semi-pro cameras and their associated underwater housings.  But … Continue reading

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Best photos from our recent dive trip to the GBR on Ocean Quest

We had a great time (as usual) on Ocean Quest, it was only 2 nights and we enjoyed every dive and every minute.  Here are the rest of our photos, in no particular order….   Hope you enjoyed, because we … Continue reading

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