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Green water diving at Cook Island

Yesterday’s dive was one of the most exciting dives we have done at Cook Island.  With a maximum of 5 metres visability (and that’s exaggerating ) the bait fish and the sharks were all around us and up close.  Add to that … Continue reading

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Our first spring dive at Cook Island

It’s feels like it has been an age since last time we got our boat out and dived at Cook Island.  Late July, “nearly two whole months”, was the last time we dived at Cook. Today was a beautiful spring … Continue reading

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Diving with whale sharks

Included in our Philippines dive itinerary was an opportunity to dive with whale sharks at Oslob.  Oslob has become renowned for whale shark diving and snorkelling, there are a lot of reviews about this on the Internet (some good, some … Continue reading

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Night dive thrills, Challenger Bay, Great Barrier Reef

Night dives are a hit and miss affair, they are either incredibly exciting or rather dull.  And because I just can’t stand the thought of missing out, we rarely miss an opportunity to dive at night.  After some night dives, … Continue reading

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Diving out of Forster

We went diving yesterday with Forster Dive Centre……😃.  We could not have asked for better treatment, we were a small group of 3 divers, and the skipper/owner.  The first dive was Forster Barge at a maximum depth of 28m. The skipper … Continue reading

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Fish Rock Dive

One of the ‘must do’ dives on the New South Wales coast is Fish Rock Cave.  We’ve done this dive a few times about five years ago and we were really looking forward to diving it again.  It is one … Continue reading

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Hugo’s trench, Julian Rocks

Probably our last dive at Julian Rocks for some time, and it was a good one,  (they’re all good dives at Julian Rocks).  On this dive we had about 15 metres visibility with a moderate current. Our previous dives at … Continue reading

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