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Don’t upset the Mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimps/prawns pack a lethal punch, especially if you’re a crab or a scallop.  They have even been recorded breaking aquarium glass.  So with these facts in mind, I usually take care not to upset them when taking photos. One … Continue reading

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Crabs make you laugh

Muck diving in the Philippines provides loads of opportunity to photograph crabs. They are everywhere, some are very obvious and others extremely well hidden.  Here are our favourite crab photos from our trip.    

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Sea horses and pipefish – Philippines

Here are our favourite photos of seahorses and pipefishes from the Philippines dive holiday. Who doesn’t love seahorses? We were lucky enough to capture a few photographs of a pregnant male seahorse.  Yes the males carry the young.  We think this … Continue reading

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Wonderfull jellies

Jellyfish make beautiful subjects, but they’re not so easy to photograph.  Here is an assortment of the jellies that we have captured over the years.  Now that we have added strobes to our underwater photography kit, we’re hoping there will … Continue reading

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It’s about time……

It’s been many months since my last post, you could say more than a year……..I’ve just taken a break. In the mean time I have been practicing my underwater photography. Even invested in some new kit, which I tried out … Continue reading

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Taka dive excursion – Steve’s bommie

Steve’s bommie is a small pinnacle of isolated reef, with a maximum depth of around 30 metres rising to 5 metres.  The water is always clear, visibility is usually around 20 metres plus with loads and loads of fish life.  The … Continue reading

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Diving around Pelorus Island

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Finally, we’ve got back into the water. We enjoyed this expedition, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to relax, enjoy a comfy bed, shower or toilet, then don’t do this trip, it is not for the faint hearted. … Continue reading

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