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Green water diving at Cook Island

Yesterday’s dive was one of the most exciting dives we have done at Cook Island.  With a maximum of 5 metres visability (and that’s exaggerating ) the bait fish and the sharks were all around us and up close.  Add to that … Continue reading

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Our first spring dive at Cook Island

It’s feels like it has been an age since last time we got our boat out and dived at Cook Island.  Late July, “nearly two whole months”, was the last time we dived at Cook. Today was a beautiful spring … Continue reading

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Venomous Cephalopods

We were lucky enough to see and photograph our first flamboyant cuttlefish on our recent Philippines holiday.  We knew these critters were small, but I still wasn’t prepared for how small, about 5-7 cm.  Also I didn’t know they are … Continue reading

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Mimic filefish or Saddled pufferfish?

We’ve taken plenty of photographs of saddled pufferfish over the years, or so we thought.  It’s very easy to confuse them.  They are the same size and are usually seen in pairs around the same depths.  The puffer fish is … Continue reading

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Wonderfull jellies

Jellyfish make beautiful subjects, but they’re not so easy to photograph.  Here is an assortment of the jellies that we have captured over the years.  Now that we have added strobes to our underwater photography kit, we’re hoping there will … Continue reading

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Diving with the fishes at Julian Rocks

If you want to swim with the fishes, then go to Julian Rocks, Byron Bay. We’ve just had another fabulous weekend of diving.  This time we decided to spend the weekend at Byron Bay, so we booked three dives with … Continue reading

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Leopard shark dance

While diving at Julian Rocks this weekend, we witnessed our first leopard shark dance.  Well that’s what it looked like.  We can only imagine that this shark was trying to rid itself of a few parasites.  

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