Green water diving at Cook Island

Yesterday’s dive was one of the most exciting dives we have done at Cook Island.  With a maximum of 5 metres visability (and that’s exaggerating ) the bait fish and the sharks were all around us and up close.  Add to that constant and loud whale song, it all made for a memorable and slightly spooky green water dive.

And to think, our plan was to find the anemone fish eggs that I photographed last week to see whether they had hatched.  We couldn’t find them, but there was way too much going on around us to worry about it.

I will let the pictures do the talking.


Sardines in the green


More sardines in the green


Even more sardines in the green,we were getting into the thick of it.


Thinning out now, with a few yellow tail scads in the bottom left


Remaining yellow tail scads.  The sardines will be back soon.


wobbegong conference. The shark on the left was about 2.5m long.


Getting close to a wobbegong.


Grey nurse shark.  I know, it’s not a good photo, but she came in real close (about 1 metre) before she saw us and then decided to turn away.  I was too mesmerised to take a photo when she was up close.





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    wowzers, those sardines!


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