Our first spring dive at Cook Island

It’s feels like it has been an age since last time we got our boat out and dived at Cook Island.  Late July, “nearly two whole months”, was the last time we dived at Cook.

Today was a beautiful spring day with excellent surface conditions.  Unfortunately, we only had about 8 metres of visibility, but that certainly didn’t ruin the dive. The fish tend to come in a lot closer in these conditions and today was no different.  Lots a bait fish, wobbegong sharks and turtles.  There were so many wobbegong sharks lying on the bottom we had to be careful not to kick them, some sharks were even lying on top of each other.  Great to see.

Here are our favourite photos from today.


Yellowtail scad.  The scad were around us most of dive.




Green turtle

Juvenile Semicircle Angelfish

Juvenile Semicircle Angelfish.


Wideband Anemonefish, (Amphiprion latezonatus)

This fish was trying to distract us by swimming away from its home anemone.  A sure sign that there were eggs near by.


Anemonefish eggs on the rock. Anemonefish eggs take around 7-10 days to hatch.



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