A quick getaway on the Great Barrier Reef (Part 2)

As promised here is part 2 of our favourite photos from our weekend getaway on the Great Barrier Reef.


Painted Sweetlip and cleaner wrasse.


Painted Sweetlip (aka Slatey Bream). As these fish mature they develop a few random spots on their bodies.


Yellow tail barracuda. These fish were so relaxed, they let me get within a metre which is very unusual. Normally the stay just within sight and move away as I get closer.


Barramundi cod. These cod are very shy and are usually found hiding under ledges. Consequently, I have lots of photos of the back of these fish.


Pretty damsel fish in the finger coral.


Giant moray eel. I almost didn’t see this one. There is so much to see under the water, that sometimes you don’t see what is directly in front of you.

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