A quick diving getaway on the Great Barrier Reef. (Part 1)

We’ve just returned from a 4 day/3 night dive trip on Norman and Saxon reef in the Great Barrier Reef.  As usually we spent our time on Ocean Quest and the crew did a great job of spoiling us.

This trip was a good opportunity to practice my photography with the wide-angle lens and double strobes.  I’ve had the strobes and lense for a while, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to bring it all together.  Either, the strobes are working but I don’t have the wide angle lens (I dropped the last one in about 100 metres of water) or, I have the lense and the stobes fail.  Anyway, we’ve sorted out the glitches and this time my equipment worked every time.  Now there a no excuses, I have to learn how to make beautiful underwater photos.

Here are some of our favourite photos from our trip.


Harliquin sweetlip and Phil


Hawksbill turtle.  This turtle was not bothered by us, it was too busy feeding.  It actually swam into my camera.


Hermit crab. This photo was taken at night, that’s when all the crabs come out to play.


Sea fan.  “Now this is a proper wide angle shot.”


Reef wall at Tropos dive site, and my dive bu


White-lined rockcod. Early morning dive, I think this one was still waking up.

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