The ugly fish

On our first dive trip to the Philippines, we came across quite a few fish that we had not seen before.  They were quite interesting to look at, but ugly.

In my option anyway, although beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Crocodile eel. Cabilao, Philippines

Version 2

Eel ? I ‘m not too sure. Cabilao, Philippines. All guesses are welcome.


Smallscale scorpionfish, Balicasag Island, Philippines


Scorpionfish. I don’t know what type, but I think its ugly.


Ambon scorpionfish, Dauin, Philippines

The Ambon scorpionfish (above) is an  ambush predator that can change its colour to camouflage itself.  It will wait for prey to come close, and then lunge forward and inhale it. They have poisonous spikes on the back, head and around the eyes that they raise when threatened.  It doesn’t look too ugly in this photo.

And the ugliest of them all……the Devil scorpion fish.  This fish is quite commical, especially when you see it walking around on its two claw like legs.


Devil scorpion fish, Dauin, Philippines

They might be ugly, but there’re  interesting.


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