Sea whip corals and their residents

I can’t swim past a sea whip coral without taking a closer look.  There is a good chance I will find something interesting on it to photograph.  And if I don’t, the whip coral makes a nice subject in itself.

The most common critters that you will find on a sea whip coral are wire coral goby, commensal shrimp and xeno crabs. You can also find feather star, snail and other types of goby as residents on the sea whip coral.

These are my favourite photos of  sea whip coral and their residents.


This sea whip coral was at about 25 metres depth. I didn’t find any critters on it, but it made a nice photo.


Sea whip coral with feather star.


Sea whip corals and bait fish

Version 3

Xeno crab. These crabs cut pieces of the sea whip coral off and stick them to their shells for added camouflage.


Commensal sea whip coral shrimp. These shrimp are not easy to find, they are always hiding on the other side of the coral.


Commensal sea whip coral shrimp.


Wire coral goby


Wire coral goby

Next time you’re diving, don’t just swim past a sea whip coral, take a closer look.  You never know what you may find.

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