Cabilao to Dauin via Balicasag Island Philippines

After spending a week diving Cabilao Island we headed off, by boat (banka), to our next dive destination, Dauin.  We had great weather and travelling by boat was the best way to go, especially when you get to do two dives at Balicasag Island along the way.  The dives at Balicasag Island were among my favourites dives on this holiday.  Shallow white sandy bottom ( 8-10 metres) with plenty of sea grass and spectacular walls that drop away into darkness.


Travelling to Dauin on a Banka.

We see turtles (Green, Loggerhead and the odd Hawks bill) on almost every dive around home (Cook Island, NSW, Australia), but Balicasag Island’s Green turtles are some of the prettiest tutles we have photographed.  The clear water helped.


Green turtle, Balicasag island, Philippines


Green turtle, Balicasag island, Philippines


Oriental Sweetlip, Balicasag Island


Diving over the wall, Balicasag Island


Relaxing after our dives and travelling on to Dauin.

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