Angler fish (frogfish) – Philippines

Taking photos of angler fish as opposed to anemone fish, which we featured in our previous blog, is a lot easier. They don’t move, they’re just harder to find.  Fortunately for us the dive guides were excellent at finding them. These fish are ambush predators so they need this camouflage, when they attack their prey they move at lightning speed. Here are our favourites.

Version 2

Warty angler fish (Clown angler fish?), Philippines


Warty angler fish, Dauin, Philippines. This photos typifies why these fish are so hard to find.


Version 2

Warty angler fish, Dauin, Philippines


We’ve tried to identify these fish correctly, but it’s hard to know the difference between angler fish, frog fish and hand fish, so forgive us if we’ve got it wrong.

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  1. Tubbyman says:

    Great photos, amazed you spotted them all, they camouflage in so well!


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