Pygmy Seahorses – Philippines diving

We’ve just returned from a two week diving holiday in the Philippines.  During the trip we did about 28 dives and on every dive we saw something new, and are still sorting out our photos which we will share with you over the next few weeks.

Our first week was spent on Cabilao Island with Sea Explorers.  The diving around the island is mostly wall diving in clear warm water with plenty of opportunity to see pygmy seahorses.  I knew these critters were small, but I wasn’t prepared for how small they are.  I don’t know how the dive guides find them, I struggled to see the them with my own eyes even when they were pointed out, let alone get the correct camera focus.  The seahorses were found around the 30metre depth.


Pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti), Cabilao Bohol Island, Philippines. Note the guides fingers in the shot.

Version 2

Pygmy Seahorse – (Denise’s pygmy seahorse), Cabilao Bohol Island, Philippines


Pygmy Seahorse, Cabilao Bohol Island, Philippines

Version 2

Pygmy Seahorse, Cabilao Bohol Island, Philippines


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2 Responses to Pygmy Seahorses – Philippines diving

  1. Florine says:

    Well done for spotting them! Last time in Bali, I searched and searched again… nope, no pigmy seahorse wanted to say hi! I’ll make sure to put Cabilao on my itinerary next time I go to the Philippines! 🙂


  2. RICHARDS Jennifer says:

    Great shots, I love the colours!

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    Initiatives | ITP | Phone: (07) 3087 8679


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