Diving with the fishes at Julian Rocks

If you want to swim with the fishes, then go to Julian Rocks, Byron Bay.

We’ve just had another fabulous weekend of diving.  This time we decided to spend the weekend at Byron Bay, so we booked three dives with Sun Dive, packed the caravan and dive gear and headed south to Byron Bay.  😃

Leopard sharks and turtles dominated this weekend, but they weren’t the only photos that we took.

Here our are favourite pics from our dives. We didn’t have our strobes with us, so lighting was a challenge, but the upside is that our camera gear is smaller and much easier to handle.

Thanks Roger, Jiaq and the crew at Sun Dive for looking after us.


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2 Responses to Diving with the fishes at Julian Rocks

  1. Kay & Kev says:

    Awesome photos. Loved the Leopard shark dance.
    Kay & Kev


    • philliplynda says:

      Thanks, great to hear from you, hope you are both well. We’re having a great time in the water. After all these years of diving were still enjoying new sights and experiences.


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