Another glorious day at Cook

It was another beautiful day of diving at Cook Island.  We did two dives, the first dive on the north wall, off mooring two.  The water was reasonably clear with about 10 metres visability.  We didn’t see mantra rays this time, however the leopard sharks, eagle rays and squid more than made up for it.

DSC04548 (1)

Leopard Shark, Cook Island Marine Reserve, NSW, Aust.

This leopard shark with two resident remora was quite happy to let me to get in close. Notice the parasites above its mouth.

DSC04551 (1)

Spotted Egg Cowrie, Cook Island Marine Reserve, NSW, Aust.

DSC04639 (1)

Nudibranch (Risbecia tryoni), Cook Island Marine Reserve, NSW. Aust.

DSC04600 (1)

Fine-spotted Porcupinefish, Cook Island Marine Reserve, NSW, Aust.

I had a lot of fun with this fish.  Normally when trying to photograph these, they turn away and I end up with photos of their rear ends.  This one was very happy to face me and after I had finished photographing it swam with me for a while.  Later it gave me a fright when I turned my head because it was practically sitting on my shoulder.

DSCN3650 (1)

Squid, Cook Island Marine Reserve, NSW, Aust.

We were entertained by squid on both dives.  We usualy find the squid in about 5 metres of water just hanging around.  On this dive there was about 20 squid and they were quite content to let us get amongst them, hence this great shot taken by Phil.



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  1. Tubbyman says:

    Porcupinefish are so camera shy, great photo!


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