Parrots, parrots and more parrots

We called into Cania Gorge for a few days on our way back south.   It’s a beautiful place to stop for a few days.  You can go fishing on the dam, walk in the bush, play golf or just relax.  While we were here we experienced our coldest night in the caravan, -2 degrees celsius, even the air-conditioner didn’t like it and turned off.  Consequently, we went for  a few walks in the bush, but most of our time was spent around the camp fire, which was OK with us, the wildlife came to us, especially the parrots.

Rainbow Lorikeet.  As expected these birds were everywhere.

Rainbow Lorikeet. As expected these birds were everywhere.

Male King Parrot

Australia King Parrot



White cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Rock Wallaby

Rock Wallaby.  We were really excited to see this animal, they are very shy and quite hard to spot in the long grass.

I know…. it’s not a parrot, but I had to sneak it in somewhere.

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  1. Sally & Harry Leventis says:

    Hi Guys.

    Love the birds – gorgeous photos – Thank you.

    Great to see you the other day.

    Keep in touch.

    Much love Sal xx Sent from my iPhone



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