Taka Ribbon Reef Explorer – Minke Whale trip

We recently spent three days diving on Taka Ribbon Reef Explorer out of Cairns.  It’s Minke Whale season and we were guaranteed to have a least one encounter with these amazing creatures.  The trip includes a maximum of 15 dives, 5 dives each day, as well as opportunities to snorkel with Minke Whales when they are sighted.  This is an amazing dive trip and we highly recommend it.  Even the food was great.

I have loads of photos to share, so I will break my posts up.  Here are a few photos to get the ball rolling.

Yellow fusiliers at Steve's Bommie

Yellow fusiliers at Steve’s Bommie

Freckle Faced Hawkfish

Freckle Faced Hawkfish


Pink Scorpian fish

Pink Scorpion fish.  These fish are well camouflaged.  Phil was taking photos of this fish and I could not see what he was taking photos of.  He had to point it out three times before I saw it.


Schooling  Big-eye travally at Steve’s bommie.

Minke Whale up close

Minke Whale – up close.

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  1. Barbara and dave swaine says:

    Great photos. Looking forward to seeing you both


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