School’s in – Bumphead parrotfish bonanza

We’ve encountered Bumphead parrotfish on many dives during our trips to the Great Barrier Reef, but this time we were delighted with more sightings than ever before.  I’m not sure why this is the case, maybe it has something to do with the time of year (winter rather than summer).

In the past we have heard the bumphead parrotfish before we see them.  Their munching and crunching on the coral is an unmistakable sound.  They remind me of cows and I often think of them as a herd rather than a school of fish.

The Bumphead school

The Bumphead school.  These fish are stationary in the water, at a quick glance they can appear to be just one very big fish.

The smaller bumpheads are usually in the middle.

The smaller Bumpheads are usually in the middle, while the larger fish take turns at being on the outside, where they are vulnerable to predators.

Alas, a lone bumphead.  We suspect a much large fish, possibly a shark, has had a go.think this fish has been attach

Alas, a lone Bumphead, it must have been on the outside of the school. We suspect a much larger fish, possibly a shark, had a go at it.


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