Sunrise diving on Norman Reef, Great Barrier Reef

We’ve just got back from 3 days of diving with Ocean Quest on the Great Barrier Reef.  We were lucky with the weather for this time of year, mild winds and clear water for most of the time on the reef.  Of all the dives the sunrise dives were the best.  It was dark when we entered the water and we still needed our torches, which attracted a few giant trevally for the first few minutes.  But as the light grew the trevally headed off and the fish came out to play.


Lionfish.  This photo was taken in the early morning.

Mantis Prawn

Mantis Shrimp.  We saw three mantis shrimp on this early morning dive, luckily this one stayed around for a few shots.

Feather star

Feather star.

Potato Cod

Potato Cod.  This big fish was happy to pose for a few shots.

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  1. Brilliant photos – Thanks for sharing adventures on your dives, jealous I’m not out there creating my own memories at the moment. Have fun on your dives 🙂


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