Fishery Falls

Fishery Falls is a tiny stop on the Bruce Hwy about 30km south of Cairns.  There is not much here apart from a few houses and a pub, which is just in front of the Caravan Park.  We chose this place because it’s quiet and un-crowded as well as beautiful.  We can put the boat in the Mulgrave River, which is just down the road, and fish.  Also we can easily get to Cairns for our diving expeditions.

Fishery Falls

Fishery Falls water catchment.  This waterfall is just a short walk up the hill from the caravan park.


Fishery Falls water hole

Fishery Falls water hole.

Views walking back to the park

View walking back from the falls to the caravan park

We’ve been out in our boat a few times, taking in the sights and trying our luck for a few more mud crab.  We weren’t very lucky with the mud crab but we did see our biggest crocodile so far on this trip, it was about 4m long and was resting on the bank just up from the boat ramp (sorry no photo).

White Bellied Sea Eagle

White Bellied Sea Eagle, Mulgrave River.

Mutchero Inlet.

Mutchero Inlet.  The inlet is where the Mulgrave River and the Russel River join.  In the background are Queensland’s highest mountains, Bellenden Ker and Bartle Frere.

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