Wet, Windy and Cold FAR NORTH QLD – Lucinda

Lucinda was a little disappointing this year due to the weather.  We were there for two weeks, the wind blew, it was cold and it rained the entire time.  We didn’t catch any fish, but did however spend some time crabbing.  All in all we caught 9 good sized mud crabs.  And yes, we enjoyed them very much.  We should have caught more but our crab pots were raided by thieves, not only did they steal our crabs, they stole our bait pouches and damaged one of our pots.( theiving B*****DS )

Queensland Mud Crab - yum

Queensland Mud Crab – yum


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2 Responses to Wet, Windy and Cold FAR NORTH QLD – Lucinda

  1. Amanda says:

    Those claws look very tasty! P.S. Miss you Lynda! 🙂


  2. philliplynda says:

    The claws, the’re the best, and yes they were full. I always eat them first. P.S. We will be back in Gold Coast late July, so hopefully we can catch up soon. 🙂


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