Heading to far north Queensland – Rockhampton to Mackay

After leaving 1770 we started heading north at a quicker pace because we’ve planned a few scuba diving trip out of Cairns in late June and July.  We’re desperate for a dive, our last dive was at Nelson Bay in early April.

Emu Beach

We stopped at Emu Beach near Yeppoon for a few days and caught up with a few friends.  The caravan park at Emu Beach is very nice, loads of space, not too busy and you are right on the beach.

Emu Beach at Low Tide

Emu Beach at Low Tide

The islands out from the shore are the Keppel Islands.  The boat ramp is just out of the photo on the right.  You have quite a long walk to get your car if you come back in at  low tide.

Fruit bats.  Some of the trees in the caravan park near the beach were full of bats during the day.

Fruit bats, Emu Beach. Some of the trees in the caravan park near the beach were full of bats during the day.

 Cape Palmerston

Cape Palmerston is about 80 km south of Mackay.  This place is really out-of-the-way and a long way from any shops.  Apart from exploring the national park, the only other thing to do here is to go fishing.  If you have a big boat there are plenty of islands to discover, which are not too far from shore.

Boat launch

Boat launch

This creek is where most of the people with small boats (tinnies) launch , which is best to do at high tide, you may get stuck at low tide, it is way to steep and the sand is soft.

Low tide at Creek

Low tide at the Creek

We were told there were no crocs here because the water is so clear, but don’t believe it.  The water is even clearer where we are now (Fishery Falls) and we saw a monster crocodile  on the river bank this morning.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera.

Views from Cape Palmerston caravan park

View from Cape Palmerston caravan park.


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