The Blue Mountains

After leaving Newcastle we headed straight to the Blue Mountains.  We wanted to visit the area before it got too cold and I think we made it just in time.  We had warm sunny days and cold nights.  It dropped down to about 3 degrees on our first night, thank goodness for the air-conditioning heating .

The views and the scenery of the Blue Mountains are spectacular, at every vantage point and lookout we were stuck for the right words, all we could say was “Wow – look at that”.

Our first glimpse

Our first glimpse of the Blue Mountains

And another view

And another view

The iconic Three Sisters, seen on most postcards.

The iconic Three Sisters, as seen on most postcards.

I guess this is what the locals get up to on their days of.

What some people do to get a better view.

Looking into the Megalong Valley.

Looking into the Megalong Valley.

A lot of the vantage points to require some degree of climbing

Some lookouts require a bit of climbing

I lost count of the steps.

I lost count of the steps.


The Blue Mountains is definitely worth a visit, but don’t stay too long or you will run out of money real quick.  We paid the record price of $59.00 a night for a powered caravan site and the food is a little pricey as well, tomatoes $9.59 per kg.


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1 Response to The Blue Mountains

  1. Stuart says:

    Great place the Blue Mountains !
    Spent so many nights camped under the stars in that area. The Blue Gum Forest, Cox’s River 6 foot track. I still remember the flyer flies that would dance like a magic spell in secluded forest glens. I even mounted the middle sister of the Three Sisters ( or maybe that was another set of sisters 😉 ) when you were still allowed to rock climb them.
    Happy Days to you both !!!


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