Diving out of Forster

We went diving yesterday with Forster Dive Centre……ūüėÉ. ¬†We could not have asked for better treatment, we were a small group of 3 divers, and the skipper/owner. ¬†The first dive was Forster Barge at a maximum depth of 28m. The¬†skipper dropped the anchor right on the barge. ¬†Just as well, the deeper we went the murkier and¬†colder¬†it got. ¬†I actually hit the bottom, as I had picked up speed whilst descending and hadn’t inflated my BCD to slow me down also couldn’t see the bottom coming up at me.¬† It was quite spooky down there, low visibility, cold water (14-16 degrees) and really big grey nurse¬†sharks. ¬†It was quite a buzz. ¬†The visibility near the bottom was about 3 metres, and even in that visibility we could clearly see the sharks, they were that close. ¬†The diving here is so very different to what we are used to in the warmer northern waters, the hard corals have been replaced with soft colourful sponges. ¬†unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this dive, as my camera didn’t cooperate and the visibility was about 3m at the bottom.

The second dive was at Latitude Rock, a bit shallower and not so murky.  Again the visibility was low at around 8 metres, but there was still plenty to see.


Bullseyes: All the nooks and crevices were thick with Bullseyes

Blue Groper:  These fish are very curious and will swim right up to you.  They are actually a member of the wrasse family and not gropers.

Blue Groper (males are blue and females are brown):

 These fish are very curious and will swim right up to you. They are actually a type of  wrasse.

Nudibranch: Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Nudibranch


Nudibranch: Hypselodoris Bennetti


Numb Ray: We are seeing more of these the further ¬†south we dive. ¬†They are unique to Australia and are called Numb Rays for a good reason – if you accidentally touch one, you’ll get a powerful electric shock. ¬†They grow to about half a metre across and have expendable mouths so they can electrocute large prey such as penguins and eat them whole.

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