Humphead Maori Wrasse at Norman Reef, GBR

One of the many fantastic things about diving on Norman Reef is that you can get close to Humphead Maori Wrasse.  On most dives, there was one or more Wrasse swimming around at the back of the boat.  The Wrasse are incredibly curious and get real close to check you out.  If you hold your arm out and open your hand some of the Wrasse will push their lips into your hand, they have the softest lips.

Make sure you’re not wearing gloves. And be careful at the back of the boat, it’s easy to get distracted and before you know it, you could be surfacing under the boat. 

Humphead Maouri Wrasse

Humphead Maouri Wrasse

Maouri Wrasse up close

Mouri Wrasse coming to check us out.

Mouri Wrasse coming to check us out.

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2 Responses to Humphead Maori Wrasse at Norman Reef, GBR

  1. Stu says:

    Sorry whose lips are you describing again…. and who you calling a humphead buddy !!!….remember it takes a hump-head to know a hump-head.
    🙂 keep havin fun


  2. Ian Shayler says:

    I had a girlfriend like this once…


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