A trip to the clouds – Wallerman Falls

Seeing as the weather on the coast has not been favourable for boating activities, we thought we would do a bit of sight-seeing around this beautiful part of Queensland. We decided to visit the Wallaman Falls only about 70km from where we’re based.. The waterfall is the highest, permanent, single-drop waterfall in Australia at 265m, and is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, a spectacular area which I have always enjoyed visiting.

We left a partly clouded, warm and windy coast and headed inland towards the mountains. It was a totally different climate, I was so glad that I had brought along some warm weatherproof gear. We arrived at the falls, put on out coats and went to the viewing area. We weren’t surprised that we couldn’t see the falls, the cloud cover was thick on the ground. However, we could hear the falls and we did get a quick glance at the top of the falls when the cloud thinned out a bit. There is a walk to the bottom of the falls (return trip of 5km), but we wouldn’t have seen any more down there, I imagine it would have just been wetter.

So in between the rain and the cloud I did take a few shots…….



So what does it look like without cloud cover?

Lucinda_Wallaman in clear weather

Nevermind, we still had fun, it was an adventure and maybe we will come back, hopefully on a better day.

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  1. Sally & Harry Leventis says:

    Hi Guys.

    Really enjoying seeing gorgeous photos and hearing about your adventures.

    Continue to have fun.

    Weather here very iffy so not been on boat for ages.

    Taking Dougal for visit to friends at Palm Beach today. Just hope we get a clear patch with some sun.


    Sally Sent from my iPhone


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