To catch a crab

We’ve been in Lucinda for a week now and we’re just starting to relax. The poor weather hasn’t bothered us at all, we’ve still managed to get our crab pots out and have been lucky enough to catch a meal of mud crab. While we’ve been out on the creeks, I keep my eye out for crocodiles, I would really love to get a good photo. But those crocs are very shy creatures indeed. We’ve had four brief sightings so far, today was the best sighting when we rounded the bend in the creek and saw a smallish croc sunbathing on a sand bank. However, it wasn’t long before he slipped into the water and disappeared, and I didn’t have my camera today. I’ve decided to leave the camera behind untill we finish crabbing. Crabbing is a muddy, smelly business with lots of mosquitoes and sand flies to also contend with. The pay off is worth it though, when you sit down to eat mud crab.

I’ve managed to take some photos, just not of crocs or mud crabs. I’m too busy when we’re crabbing. Well, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

The Herbert River, heading towards the Hinchinbrook channel, the cloud covered mountiains on Hinchinbrook Island are in the backgroud.

The Herbert River, heading towards the Hinchinbrook channel, the cloud covered mountains on Hinchinbrook Island are in the background.

We have yet to see Hinchinbrook Island without cloud cover. It’s like a weather magnet, it draws in all the clouds.

The mangroves

The mangroves, full of things that bite. (crocs, crabs, mosquitoes and sand flies)

Our tinny

Our tinny

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2 Responses to To catch a crab

  1. Paul Curtis says:

    Hi Phill and Lynda,
    Glad to hear you guys are having so much fun.Hope the weather improves and you get to go and chase some mackerel.
    Paul Curtis


    • philliplynda says:

      Hi Paul, the weather is looking good for this weekend. We’ve booked to go diving in and around Poloris Island. Hopefully the weather will hold so that when we get back we can try fishing for some Mackies… We’ll be back in the South East during August and September, so hopefully we can catch up for a dive then.

      Phil and Lynda


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