Getting close to Shovelnose Rays at Cook Island

It’s a good time of year to spot Shovelnose Rays at Cook Island.   These sharks are shy and it can be difficult to get close for a photo.  However due to the poor visibility we got quite close to five of the sharks resting on a sand patch, just out from the Coral Garden moorings (southern side of the Island).

Shovel Nose in the dirty water

There were five medium to large Shovelnose Rays and one large Bull Ray resting on the sand. 29 March 2013

Shovel nose ray

One of the rare times we have been able to get close to a Shovelnose. January 2006.

Getting close, we were within arms reach and the temptation to try and do something about the rubber band was hard to resist.

Getting close, we were within arms reach and the temptation to try to do something about the swimming goggles around its head was hard to resist. (If you look close you can see the Speedo logo.)

One of the Shovelnose rays that we saw yesterday had damage on his nose, similar to the one we photographed in 2006.  We wondered if it could possibly have been the same shark.  But on checking on photos, the one we saw yesterday was much smaller and the scaring was in front of the eyes.

There is no denying that rubbish in our oceans has an adverse effect on its inhabitants.

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